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Bernadetta Yucki

Contributor of Cultura Magazine. Writer, hardcore movie enthusiast who believes in pop culture.

10 Must Watch Classic Movies on Netflix

Erlinda Sukmasari

Contributor of Cultura Magazine, writer, dreamer & also cat person. Passionate about communication, gender, music, movie.

Rekomendasi Film Dokumenter Tentang Sains

Cultura Editors

Culture, lifestyle and entertainment. Offers smart, comprehensive coverage of films, music, travel, games and much more.

Tracks of The Week: Evanescence, Crush, Aurora

Albert Pang

Contributor of Cultura Magazine. An enthusiast for movie, TV series and other pop-culture.

Money Heist Season 3 Review: Geng Perampok Asal Spanyol Kembali Beraksi

Aluna Nayaka

Contributor of Cultura Magazine, words smith, music and movie junkie; full-time day dreamer and writer.

Burgerkill: Adamantine Album Review

Egon Saputra

Senior Reporter of Cultura Magazine. Professional doctor, skilled at journalism and photography. Former reporter at JakartaVenue, passionate about music, film and culture.

Schindler’s List Review: Menceritakan Sejarah Kelam Holocaust

Adriyani Ayu

Contributor of Cultura Magazine. Passionate about communication, culture, travel, and gender.

Bagaimana New Normal Harusnya Dipahami?

Andhika Zulkarnaen

An entrepreneur with more than 10 years of professional experience in media & creative industry.

When They See Us Review

Rieska Utami

Contributor of Cultura Magazine, a full time worker who enthusiast in movies, books, music and photography.

Defending Jacob Review

Dicky Bisinglasi

Photo Contributor of Cultura Magazine. An adventurous and visual person. Passionate about music, photography and videography.

Museum Musik Indonesia dan Dominasi Rock di Malang

Gerry Ardian

Contributor of Cultura Magazine, an introvert Brit-pop guy. Speak-less, write more, and more, and more.

Britpop: Nasionalisme dan Budaya Anak Muda Britania Raya

Felix Martua

Contributor of Cultura Magazine. Novelist, writer, passionate about movies, music, pop-culture.

5 Rekomendasi Stand-Up Comedy Netflix

Hafiza Dina

A Contributor of Cultura Magazine. Music, movie, and books enthusiast. Believe in equality and diversity.

Riverhouse Bali: Ketenangan, Kemewahan, dan Keindahan Alam


Contributor of Cultura Magazine, an enthusiast for music, movie and pop culture.

Tame Impala: The Slow Rush Album Review

Stanley Dirgapradja

Co-founder & Editor in Chief Men Style Indonesia.

Kolaborasi Valentino dan Onitsuka Tiger

Tri Budi

Contributor of Cultura Magazine. An enthusiast for writing, 3D visual and pop-culture.

Kisah Hidup Arthur Fleck Menjadi Joker

Gloredtha Y. Rambe

Contributor of Cultura Magazine, a traveler, and music lover. Have a dream to explore all around Indonesia.

Mendaki Gunung Papandayan Bagi Pendaki Pemula

Atika Sumarsono

Food Contributor at Cultura Magazine. Blogger and photographer from

OldTown White Coffee De Entrance Arkadia

Teguh Santoso

Writer, filmmaker, and an artist.

Film Nasional, Produk Seni atau Bisnis?

Lathifah Indah
Lathifah Indah

Contributor of Cultura. A movie and TV series enthusiast with specific interest in drama, thriller, and comedy genres while being obsessed with analysing them in a cultural studies point of view.

Uncut Gems Review: Adam Sandler Menggila Tanpa Ampun