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An independent online magazine about culture, lifestyle and entertainment. The site is carefully curated to provide high-quality contents related to culture, current issues, lifestyle and entertainment news.

Cultura Magazine (formerly is the go-to entertainment news site for the culturally obsessed.


Head of Content
Andhika Zulkarnaen

Prismanda Dwiyoga Ibrahim

Senior Reporter
Egon Saputra

Dicky Bisinglasi

Reza Syathir
Seto Ery


Erlinda Sukmasari
Albert Pang
Gerry Ardian
Aluna Nayaka
Atika Sumarsono
Adriyani Ayu
Rieska Utami
Bernadetta Yucki
Gloredtha Y. Rambe
Randy Aprialdi
Reza Nur Aprillia
Lathifah Indah

Cultura Studios

Creative agency that produces custom content and experiences that tap into the cultural vibrancy, fun and prestigious equity of Cultura Magazine.

Cultura Live Session

Weekly showcase, also an opportunity, for curated musician/band to perform one of their songs and cover a song they love. Recorded live as intimate video performances in a place represented the musician/band the mostã…¡either a studio, an office, or anywhere else. We support local artists!

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Our contents also available on LINE Today and Google News.